Maintaining Your Golf Putting Green in the Fall

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, November 22, 2012

winter putting green

How to give your golf putting green every advantage this fall, so it’ll be ready for play when you are.

Maintaining your golf course putting green in the fall is just as important as maintaining it during the summer. To get the most out of your course during the fall, continue to water the grass to delay dormancy. A course with healthy green grass will bring in more golfers than a course with grass that has turned brown and is full of bare spots.

Maintaining your course’s grass in the fall and winter will ensure a lush, healthy putting green in the spring.

Aerate the greens before the grass goes dormant, and remove excessive thatch using a hard metal rake. Rake up fallen leaves to prevent fungus and damage to the greens, and remove fallen tree branches.

Fertilize in the fall to provide the greens with the required nutrients to promote healthy and deep roots. During the fall months, the grass is storing up the necessary nutrients to strengthen its root system, so make sure the soil is nutrient rich.

Limit the traffic on the freeway and greens when the grass does go dormant, and stop traffic from golf carts.

Contact the golf putting green experts at Modern Turf for more information about maintaining your golf course in the fall.