Modern Turf Improves Greens at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rembert SC, November 12, 2009—Modern Turf planted the new greens for Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club in June of 2008. The club’s golfers and the top thirty players on the PGA Tour now enjoy state-of-the-art turfgrass as they play at East Lake.


This year’s Fed Ex Cup, Tour Championship played at East Lake and sponsored by Coca-Cola was preceded by nearly a week of torrential rain and flooding in Atlanta. Fortunately the old bentgrass greens were replaced by Modern Turf with the ultradwarf bermudagrass variety MiniVerde.  Had they still been planted with shallow rooting bentgrass, the putting quality for the tournament almost certainly would not have been the caliber achieved by the East Lake staff following the inclement weather.  Fast and firm greens are the desired standard for both tournament and member play these days and MiniVerde certainly gave the pros both.  


The South Carolina turfgrass production company and sod nursery specializes in growing and installing a complete variety of high quality turfgrass for sports and landscape industries as well as for homes and businesses. Founded by golf course superintendents, Modern Turf understands the unique needs of golf courses and sports fields.

Golf course operators require turfgrass that is free from pests and weeds. Modern Turf fumigates all of its fields to help ensure their products are weed and nematode-free. Furthermore, each piece of Modern Turf’s sod comes with the company’s reputation - it will perform to the property owner’s satisfaction, withstanding heat, excessive wear and tear and the ability to bounce back quickly after every use.


Modern Turf’s sod farm located in Rembert, SC, has a staff experienced in sports turf, golf and landscaping and can help customers determine which variety of sod is ideal for individual locations as well as how much is needed to properly cover the area needing sod. The all-service nursery focuses on customer service, assisting customers to find what they need and at a price that meets any budget constraints.


“At Modern Turf, we understand the unique needs of golf course superintendents and enjoy serving them with exceptional service and knowledge of the issues they face,” said company President and Founder Hank Kerfoot. “Employing this expertise, we have selected for production superior products requiring less water, less fertilizer and fewer pesticides, impressing our golf course clients time and time again and effectively making their jobs easier.”


The Modern Turf product facility possesses 1200 acres, producing ten different varieties of turfgrass. Kerfoot and company Vice President B.J. Haunert have a combined 50 years of turfgrass management experience in areas including the U.S., Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

To learn more about Modern Turf, visit or contact Hank Kerfoot at 803-713-8873.