Protecting Your Sod Landscaping Now Before Winter Hits - FAQs

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, November 26, 2012

frost covered grass and leaf

5 frequently asked questions about protecting your sod landscaping in cold weather

1. Should I fertilize my sod landscaping in the fall? Preparing your sod for the cold months is important to protect it and ensure a healthy turf in the spring. Fertilizing in the fall is a great way to give it the nutrients it needs to encourage strong root growth.

2. What is the best way to spread fertilizer? A rotary spreader should be used to distribute fertilizer to ensure the fertilizer is spread evenly.

3. When should I stop mowing my sod? When the grass has stopped growing in the fall, give the lawn its last mowing. Make sure you rake up the clippings and dispose of them rather than leaving them on the grass.

4. Should I leave the leaves on the sod through the winter to insulate it? No, you should rake the leaves after they have fallen from the trees. Leaving them on the sod can cause damage to the sod.

5. Should I water my sod in the fall? If conditions have been dry for a period of time, you should water the sod in the fall. It’s not necessary to water as frequently as you do during the spring and summer.

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