Providing Professional Services for Preventative Insecticide Treatment

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

As the temperatures warm up during the summer months, there are certain maintenance steps, including preventative insecticide treatments that will keep a lawn at its healthiest. Modern Turf Landscaping Company of Rembert, S.C., provides preventative insecticide treatment advice and services to decrease and eliminate insect problems that can leave lawns, golf courses and sports fields with damaged grass.


Grubs, armyworm and webworm problems can wreak havoc on a lawn if left untreated. By taking the proper steps to apply preventative insecticide treatment during late summer, homeowners are less likely to be faced with an insect problem throughout the year.


According to Modern Turf Founder Hank Kerfoot, even healthy turf can experience a significant insect population with no obvious turf damage, especially if rain fall is high during the spring and fall months. However, if the signs of insect infestation are obvious and the grass appearance is suffering it is time to treat the area with insect-control chemicals.


Modern Turf’s landscaping professionals offer advice to keep grass-damaging insects at bay and recommend preventative insecticide treatment as a proactive approach to avoiding insect problems before they begin. The company also specializes in growing and installing a complete variety of high quality turfgrass requiring less water, fertilizer and pesticides, taking a holistic approach to reducing and eliminating insect problems.


“Preventative insecticide treatments help to ensure your lawn isn’t damaged by insects and is especially important for newly installed turfgrass that can be vulnerable to insect damage,” said Kerfoot. “Modern Turf is available to provide consultations for insecticide treatments as well as services to provide on-site analysis and expert treatment applications.”


If interested in receiving preventative insecticide advice or for a free consultation from Modern Turf’s landscaping professionals, contact Kerfoot at 803-713-8873.