Putting Green - A guide to creating a backyard practice green

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, May 17, 2012

Modern Turf

Putting green installation is the answer to improving your golf game.

Are you devoted to your golf game? If so, why not build a backyard putting green? It may sound silly to some people, but to those diehard fans of the game, it makes perfect sense.

•  Location: Decide on the area of your yard where you will build your practice green. Pick an area that will stay free of other traffic if possible. Building it in an area where pets and children play is not recommended.

•  Remove debris: Clear the area of rocks, roots and other yard debris. Add a layer of top soil. Make sure the new soil is clear of rocks and debris.

•  Decide on the turf: Decide what type of turf you will use. For this you should contact a turf expert. Your geographical location will play a big part as to what turf will work best for you.

•  Add irrigation: You should add an irrigation system to help maintain the health of the turf. Make sure there is proper drainage to prevent water build-up.

For more information about building a putting green in your backyard call the expert turf guys at Modern Turf at (803) 691-9890.