Putting Green Grass for Your Golf Course

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, July 09, 2012

green golf course

What’s the best putting green grass?

Selecting the right turf for your golf course putting green grass is vital to providing a beautiful and professional playing course for your golfers. Here are three of the top turfs to consider.

• Celebration Bermudagrass: This turf is ideal for golf courses because of its tolerance to wear and tear. It has a deep root system and is shade tolerant and the grass is nearly indestructible.

• MiniVerde: MiniVerde is a top rated Bermudagrass for golf course putting greens. It has fine blades which make it perfect for putting. It has a deep root system and quickly recovers from damage.

• Empire Zoysia: This turf is great for the various climate conditions in the southeast. Its dark green color provides a wonderful contrast to the other grasses on the course. The grass is highly durable and is easy to grow.

Let the golf turf experts at Modern Turf evaluate your turf needs for your golf course. They will be happy to help you choose the right turf to create a wonderful playing field for your golfers. They know turf.

For your putting green grass needs contact the expert turf guys at Modern Turf. Call (803) 691-9890 today.