Repairing Golf Turf after a Storm

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, December 20, 2012

repair golf turf after storm

4 Tips for cleaning up your golf turf after winter storms.

Winter time is a tough time of the year to maintain golf turf, especially after a winter storm. Depending on your geographical area, harsh winter elements may have already damaged your turf, leaving it fragile, and making it harder to recover from winter storms. Here are four tips to repair golf turf after a storm.

1. Clear away debris: Remove any fallen tree limbs as soon as possible. Debris left lying on the golf grass can damage the grass, and leave it vulnerable to diseases.

2. Replace damaged turf: If you’re in a warmer climate, you should replace damaged turf as soon as possible, as long as the ground isn’t frozen, to give it ample opportunity to establish before the return of your busy golf season.

3. Maintain proper drainage: Check for proper drainage. Remove any debris that may be preventing drainage. Standing water for an extended period of time can damage the turf.

4. Discourage traffic on the turf: Keep traffic to a minimum on the golf grass. It may be necessary to use heavy equipment to remove downed trees, and other debris, but do your best to limit the amount of traffic. If heavy equipment is necessary, repair any damage to the turf immediately.

For more tips on keeping your golf turf in great condition, contact the turf experts at Modern Turf.