Should you buy grass sod in Columbia? 3 reasons to buy local

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 05, 2012

Buy grass sod in Columbia and give your lawn the best chance of turning into a backyard oasis.

buy grass sod columbia scAs the season for backyard barbeques and parties nears, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and creating that backyard oasis you have always wanted. If you are thinking of laying new sod this season, and doing it yourself, your best bet would be to buy grass sod in Columbia.

Locally grown sod is the best choice for these reasons:
  1. Grown in local environment: Sod that is grown locally is use to the environment. There will be no need for it to adjust to a different climate, or different weather conditions.

  2. Delivered in good condition: Because it isn’t traveling across the country, locally purchased sod will arrive to your yard in good condition. If you purchase sod from out of town you risk it arriving dried out and damaged.

  3. Support local growers: Simply put, by buying your sod locally, you are supporting a local business from your community. One of the best sod types to consider is the Empire. This sod offers a very hardy and tough turf that will endure a good bit more traffic than the old Centipede.

Planning your summer lawn? Now’s the time to buy grass sod in Columbia.