Sod Farm - Growing America's Grass

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Modern Turf

How does a sod farm grow sod successfully?

If you are replacing your lawn with sod this season you may be wondering exactly how sod farms grow their product. Many sod farmers grow a couple different varieties of sod. Depending on their specific location they may grow two to five different varieties of sod.

Sod farmers begin growing their sod with seeds. It can sometimes take one to three years of careful care and maintenance until their sod is ready to harvest. Over the time period that they are growing the sod, they apply the perfect fertilizer and water needed to grow the healthiest sod possible.

When it is time to harvest the sod, they use specially designed cutting tools to cut the sod and lift if without damaging the root system. They usually wait to harvest the grass until the demand for it exists. They want to keep it as fresh as possible before delivering it to the consumer.

A lot of hard work and care goes into growing America’s sod and the professional sod growers with Modern Turf take complete pride in growing and delivering the best possible sod to their customers.

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