Sod For Lawn - 3 Reasons To Choose Sod Over Seeding

BJ Haunert - Monday, April 23, 2012

Sod for lawn is the perfect answer for creating that backyard utopia you have always dreamed of.

sod vs seedingSpring is here and you are running out of time to get your lawn ready for the upcoming season. If you’ve been debating on which is best, seeding or sodding, here are three reasons to choose sod over seeding.
  • Sod can be installed any time of year: Depending on the type of sod, you can install sod any time during the year. Seeds need sunlight and the right temperature and season to germinate.

  • Sod gives you instant results: Sod gives you an immediate lawn. While some time is needed to be fully established it will give the appearance of a lush lawn within a couple of weeks. Seeding takes a longer period to establish and may take several seasons to become a lush and hardy lawn.

  • Sod stands up better to heavy traffic: While it is recommended that you try to stay off of a newly sodded lawn, it will not take long to be able to handle traffic. Seeds require more time to become established and the newly planted area should be traffic free for several weeks.

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