Sod Grass Installation - Preparing the soil

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, May 14, 2012

Modern Turf

Sod grass installation requires properly preparing the soil to build a solid foundation for growth.

If you’re thinking about sodding your lawn this season, take the time to prepare the soil. Many homeowners make the mistake of not properly preparing the soil before laying the sod. By taking the time to build a good foundation for your sod, you are increasing the likelihood of growing a healthy and lush lawn.

Grass gets its air, water and nutrients to grow healthy from the soil that it is growing in. If the soil isn’t nutrient rich the roots will not thrive. The key to a healthy sod is the root system. The deeper the root grows the healthier the blades will be. Your healthy top soil should go 6” deep in order to encourage deep root growth.

To prepare the soil, add topsoil that is recommended for the area that you live in. Add in humus (organic matter). Test your soil pH level. If it is below 6 you will need to add lime. If the Alkaline are higher than 7.5 you will need to add sulfur or gypsum. Once your pH level is right apply a ‘starter fertilizer’ and work it into the sod. Final grade the area and you are ready to lay your sod.

Check with the experts at Modern Turf to learn more about preparing your soil for sod.