Sod Maintenance Tips

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Once the ground has been prepared and sod has been laid, it is time to focus on proper sod maintenance to ensure a lawn flourishes during the weeks and months to come. Rembert, S.C.’s Modern Turf Turfgrass Production Company provides free advice to help home owners and business owners perfect their sod maintenance routines and achieve an ideal lawn health and appearance.


Without proper maintenance, even the healthiest sod can fail to root. The first four to six weeks after sod installation are crucial to the survival and condition of the sod. Modern Turf identifies specific steps necessary for developing sod that roots and actively grows.

Hank Kerfoot, founder of Modern Turf, says sod maintenance should change with the seasons, making it important to work with professionals who understand the unique needs of each season and can create a customized sod maintenance plan that is right for each individual lawn and local climate.


Installing an irrigation system, such as an automated sprinkler system or a root soaking system will ensure the sod receives the moisture necessary for proper rooting and growth. According to Kerfoot, the sod should receive water several times each day for approximately two to four weeks, or until it has thoroughly rooted into the underlying soil. After this initial frequent watering period, once a day and then a couple times a week is typically sufficient irrigation unless there is a time of severe heat or drought.


Kerfoot suggests that people should prevent walking on the new sod while it is rooting in order to avoid forming air pockets that can prevent proper root growth. Rolling the sod is another way to pack down the sod and promote root attachment. Additionally, fertilizing about six weeks following installation is an important step to sod maintenance.


“When conducting sod maintenance, it is important to pay attention to the details, such as watering immediately after applying fertilizer, which if neglected can burn the grass,” explained Kerfoot. “Modern Turf’s landscaping professionals understand the ins and outs of sod maintenance and are here to offer advice and provide an array of expert services to keep your home or business lawn looking healthy and beautiful.”

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