Sod vs. Seed? Top 3 Reasons Sod is Better

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sod is the way to go when installing or replacing lawns.

Sod vs. Seed? Top 3 Reasons Sod is Better

When you are looking at putting in a sod lawn, some folks may ask why you didn't use seed instead. Here are the top three reasons why sod/turf is better than seed:

1. No erosion occurs since the bare ground is covered with turf -- a cohesive carpet of grass, roots, and soil. You aren't trying to keep the seed in place in a downpour and you don't have to deal with an ugly temporary covering.

2. No weeds sprouting among the blades of grass. Sod is already-matured grass and there's far less opportunity for weeds to take root in the density of turf.

3. Reduced overall costs. Continued maintenance is lessened when you start with a mature lawn instead of a struggle to get seed to grow. Your yard is instantly green and quickly useable.

There are many types of grass used in the sod/turf industry. Your sod lawn should be chosen with a care for how much sunlight it gets, the use it will be subject to, your climate, and potential drought conditions. We specialize in new lawns and can help you choose wisely.

You can order the sod and do the preparation and installation yourself, or allow us to put in your beautiful new lawn while you relax, enjoy the enhancement of your property, and anticipate the feeling of healthy grass between your toes.

Have questions before you order your sod? Just ask: