Sodding a Lawn - 3 Tips for Doing the Job Right

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sodding a lawn is the perfect solution to your ugly lawn problems.

sodding a lawnAnother spring has come and you are still struggling with ugly lawn problems. Sodding your yard just may be the perfect solution to your problem. Here are three tips to help you do the job right.
  • Soil preparation: Soil preparation is the first and most important step to sodding a lawn. You first need to remove the old grass and remove any large rocks or debris and fill in any low areas. Grade the soil slightly away from your home structure. Apply weed killer to the area and till the soil. Have the soil tested and add the appropriate top soil if necessary. Apply ‘starter fertilizer’ and mix it into the soil.

  • Laying the sod: Lay the sod so that the edges are against each other, don’t overlap the edges. Work one row at a time and offset the seams. A sod knife is required to cut pieces when necessary.

  • Watering & Fertilizing: The new sod should be watered twice a day for the first two weeks and fertilized every six to eight weeks. You should stay off of the newly installed sod.

For more information about sodding a lawn call the professionals at Modern Turf (803) 691-9890.