Sports Turf - How to keep your sports turf ready for action all year

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 29, 2012

sports turf

Tips to help your sports turf recover from the dog days of summer.

As the glow of summer fades, sports turf is struggling to recover from the wear and tear of summer sports and activities.

Follow these five tips to help keep your turf ready for action this fall.

1. Mowing: Continue to mow your turf until it stops growing. When you no longer leave cut grass blades on the turf, it’s time to stop mowing.

2. De-thatch: Remove excessive thatch to allow room for the healthy turf to continue to grow.

3. Fertilize: Fertilize turf in early fall, and if necessary, again in late fall before the frost arrives. Fertilizing turf in the fall will give it the nutrients it needs to heal from the summer heat and activities.

4. Watering: You may not need to water as frequently as you did in the dry summer months, continue to water your turf as required.

5. Weed control: Fall is a great time to control weeds. Just like the turf, weeds are pulling nutrients to prepare for the winter months. A good herbicide will kill weeds off quickly.

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