Sports Turf is Specialty of SC Sod Farm Modern Turf

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Modern Turf is pleased to announce high quality, fully guaranteed sports turf for your sports fields needs in the southeastern United States and internationally. If your golf course, school sports team, municipal stadium or pro field needs top quality sports turf with the ability to withstand wear and tear, Modern Turf guarantees every single piece of sod will perform.

Sports turf is different from even the highest traffic grasses. It needs to withstand incredible heat; wear and tear beyond the norm and it needs to have the resilience to bounce back almost immediately after use. It also needs to be free from pests, particularly nematodes, or weeds. Sports turf can be ruined from insects or weeds and because of the large area of sod needed, it can be particularly expensive to replace. Because of this potential cost, high-quality sports turf that protects against these issues can be difficult to find, and critical to budgets. Modern Turf is a sod farm in Rembert, SC and has a staff with several former golf superintendents whose experience gives them in-depth knowledge of sports turf.


Hank Kerfoot founded Modern Turf, Inc. in February of 2000. Modern Turf is a state-of-the-art turfgrass production company that grows and installs a complete variety of high quality turfgrass for the landscape and golf industries, as well as other sports turf.


With an original purchase of 410 acres, Modern Turf now encompasses 1200 acres and produces 10 varieties of turfgrass. A state-of-the-art turfgrass production facility, Modern Turf provides the highest quality grasses available on the market today.


To learn more about sports turf, contact Hank Kerfoot, of Modern Turf, at 803-713-8873. Schedule a consultation today to end your search for the perfect high-quality sports turf- the most durable grass you have ever worked with, guaranteed.