Spring Lawn Care - 3 Tips

Hank Kerfoot - Friday, March 25, 2011

March brings about the time of year when spring lawn care should be considered and initiated. Having a consultation, liming, and fertilization should all be considered as part of your spring lawn care plan.


It’s that time of year and spring lawn care is in the air.This is the perfect time to reach out to lawn care professionals to develop a plan to ensure you have the best lawn for the rest of the year.In fact, if you don’t do what you can to prep your lawn appropriately for the year, it could mean a lot more unnecessary maintenance down the road. Follow these tips to ensure you prep your lawn in the best possible way.

Get a Spring Lawn Care Consultation.

As mentioned above, reach out to the professionals to ensure you have the best spring lawn care plan to maintain your lawn for the upcoming year. No later than March, should be the time of year you initiate your consultation. The right professional will take a look at your lawn, test it to determine what types of treatment it might need, help you find the resources to take care of it, and will then help you along the way to ensure you have what you need for the perfect lawn all year around.

Consider Liming for Spring Lawn Care if Your Grass is too Acidic.

Your grass likes to grow in neutral pH soil, so you want to ensure it’s not too acidic or too alkaline. If you have moss plants, for example, then your grass is likely too acidic. Liming is a possible solution to bring your soil’s pH back into balance when acidity is the issue. However, liming does take some time to work, so be patient. To determine if your lawn’s acidic, you can have a sample tested, which is advised. Applying lime to an alkaline lawn may do more harm than good.

Fertilization for Spring Lawn Care should be considered.

Fertilizing is an important part of spring lawn care that will help your lawn grow green and be as healthy as possible (as soon as possible). Organic fertilizers include compost and mulching mowers, or chemical fertilizers are also an option. For the spring, you should choose to keep your fertilizing light. When there’s too much fertilizer early on, weeds and disease may plague your grass. Keep in mind if you fertilized heavy in late fall, your grass is still soaking in the fertilizer in the spring.

Spring lawn care is very important to have a healthy lawn that requires minimal maintenance. Get a consultation, and then determine if liming or fertilization are appropriate to meet your spring lawn care needs.

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