Start Researching the Best Lawn Treatment for Spring

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, January 28, 2013


Lawn treatment - How to choose what's right for your lawn.

While the dead of Winter may seem like an odd time to think about what lawn treatment you’ll need in the Spring, actually it’s the perfect time to begin evaluating your lawn’s needs.

Your lawn will require extra care during the Spring. Depending on how harsh the Winter weather has been in your area, you may or may not have extensive damage. Spring is a crucial time for fertilization because it replenishes the nutrients your lawn needs to grow.

Take the time during the remainder Winter months and evaluate your lawn’s condition, and then take the time to research, and talk to the experts about how best to provide the lawn treatment your lawn needs when Spring arrives.

In addition to fertilization, if weeds are a problem, you’ll need to apply a pre-emergent, so take the time to research what products are right for your lawn.

By taking the time now to determine what is best for your lawn, when Spring arrives you’ll be prepared and ready to go.

Call the turf professionals at Modern Turf for more information on what type of lawn treatment is right for your lawn.