Take a Stroll Through the Inner Workings of Sod Farms

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, April 21, 2014

Sod farms grow unbeatable lawn products for a variety of applications.

Take a Stroll Through the Inner Workings of Sod Farms
Growing high quality sod products across hundreds of acres is a big undertaking. So many industries and customers rely on the supply of sod production for landscaping. Do you ever wonder what goes into the process of sod farming? Let’s take you through it.

What Is Sod? Sod is grass held together by a thin foundation of soil, usually comprised of roots or other materials.

What Do We Grow Sod For? Sod can be used for dozens of things; in some parts of the world, sod roofing is even used for energy efficient housing. In the US, sod is primarily sold to businesses or residents who need new lawns and don’t want to waste time waiting for the grass to grow. Golf courses and other athletic fields often invest in sod lawns because they provide quick, beautiful surfaces for a variety of uses.

Where Is Sod Grown? Sod farms are everywhere that sod is in demand. It’s best to buy and sell sod locally – minimizing transportation tends to decrease costs and preserve the quality of the product.

Most sod farms grow several varieties of grass in the same location to offer the most selection to their customers. The sod is cultivated and harvested in optimum conditions so that customers get premium grass that can take root easily and effectively in their lawn or complex.

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