The 3 Best Things About a Sod Lawn in Your Backyard

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Laying a sod lawn in your backyard is one of the quickest ways to get beautiful, healthy grass.

The 3 Best Things About a Sod Lawn in Your BackyardWhether you’re trying to reclaim a struggling yard or upgrading to a greener or more durable grass, sodding is one of the most popular ways to replace your lawn. Why is this? Most homeowners who have gone with sod would probably chalk it up to one of these reasons:

1. Low Maintenance

Laying a sod lawn doesn’t require you to invest a large chunk of time. Planting grass seeds can be an arduous and prolonged process. Sod is professionally grown and cared for by professionals. Better yet, a professional landscaping team can supervise the installation of your sod products.

2. Fast Results

It can be done over a weekend, and you can start enjoying your lawn sooner if you invest in sod. Empty dirt plots or unruly, overgrown patches of grass are eyesores that plague many new homes. Transforming these spaces with new grass and new growth is extremely rewarding, and sod lawn is often the quickest, easiest way to make this happen.

3. Problem Yard?

If you have a yard that is sloped, prone to flooding, or prone to erosion, it may be difficult to get grass seeds to take root. Sod lawn can be a great fix for areas that might not otherwise sustain a healthy yard. Don’t waste time cultivating seeds that won’t take root. Sod lawn can deliver quick results and consistent success rates.

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