The 5 Laws for Lawncare

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here are five lawn care tips to help you have a healthier lawn.

the 5 lawns for lawncare

1. Mow high, often and with sharp blades.
It may seem like a time saver to mow your lawn short, but mowing to short can damage the grass as well as make it easier for the weeds to take root. Keep the lawn healthy by mowing slightly taller than normal. A good rule of thumb for mowing is to only mow the top one-third of the grass, so set the mower as high as it will go, which is typically 3 inches. Sharpen the mower blades on a regular basis to prevent ragged edges and a brown lawn.

2. Thin spots need reseeding.
Reseeding the thin spots in your lawn will help keep it lush and healthy. The best time to reseed cool season grasses is in the fall and warm season grasses should be planted in the late spring. When planting seed in thin areas, it is best to avoid applying a pre-emergent herbicide while planting seeds as this could prevent growth of the new grass seedlings.

3. Choose the correct herbicide.
If simply pulling weeds is not enough to keep weeds at bay or if it isn’t your favorite lawncare task, a herbicide can help eliminate weeds, but it is important to choose the correct herbicide for your needs. A post-emergent herbicide is used after weeds are visible. It is often used to control broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and chickweed. A pre-emergent herbicide is used to prevent the seeds of weeds from germination. A pre-emergent herbicide is typically applied once each year.

4. Fertilize your lawn.
One of the most important nutrients you can feed your lawn is nitrogen, so fertilize with a product that provide fast and slow releasing of the fertilizer, this will feed the lawn quickly as well as provide a gradual release of the nutrients. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to fertilizer, too much nitrogen can burn the lawn.

5. Avoid nighttime watering.
It is best to water your lawn during the early morning so the sun can help dry the grass throughout the day. If you water at nighttime it can leave to much moisture in the blades, which can cause diseases. When watering, focus on water the ground, not just the grass. The water needs to soak the ground in order to penetrate down enough to provide continuous moisture.

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