The Experts Share Their Secrets on Where to Buy Sod

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are you in the market for a new lawn but feel unsure about where to buy sod? It’s an art, science, and our specialty.

The Experts Share Their Secrets on Where to Buy Sod
As you’re shaking off the final thaw from winter, you may notice that your lawn looks a little worse for the wear. If you are finally ready to invest some time and energy into making your yard look great for the spring and summer, make sure you are getting the best sod.

Buy Local. Getting sod from a local supplier is the best option for a couple reasons. First, it’s going to cost less when you minimize transportation expenses. Secondly, you’re keeping your sod safe, as transportation puts your sod at risk. As a living organism, sod is delicate and can be damaged in the process of driving it over long distances. And lastly, buying grass from a nearby sod farm also means that it’s an appropriate variety for the local climate and temperature.

Demand Selection. Make sure you get sod that is suited to your purpose. Are you in the market as a business or a resident? Somebody looking to plant a new backyard isn’t going to want the same kind of grass as someone patching a putting green. A little bit of research before you make a purchase like this makes a big difference.

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