The Lake Golf Course Installation

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, November 04, 2013

The Lake Golf Course in Hickory, North Carolina joins the list of more than 30 prominent golf courses nationwide replacing their bentgrass greens.

The Lake Golf Course Installation

This Karl Litten-designed golf course is currently being renovated for a late September reopening. With lush fairways nestled between mature trees, The Lake is a fun round of golf for all players. The facilities here at The Lake are unparalleled.

Sunday is a new entry in the ultradwarf market, and although it has similar management requirements as Tifdwarf, its finer texture allows this grass to be managed while maintaining its versatility. Sunday is known for its genetic stability, massive root system, and consistent coloring. It’s another excellent option for putting greens offered by Modern Turf. Sunday requires less water, aeration, and pesticide treatment than many other turf varieties, making it a sound economical choice that will save The Lakes money and improve the course’s budget.

Golfers will notice and appreciate the faster, smoother putting surface and lush, consistent color of the Sunday greens. The Lakes Golf Course includes a driving range with target greens, an extended short range practice course, and a par 3 Executive Course.

More information about Sunday Ultradwarf Bermudagrass is available from the golf grass experts at Modern Turf. Call (803) 600-4835 or, visit Modern Turf online at