The Surprising Things About Golf Turf You Can Learn From Social Media

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, December 02, 2013

The forum of discussion surrounding golf turf production and maintenance is brimming with debate, competition, and learning opportunities.

The Surprising Things About Golf Turf You Can Learn From Social Media

Golf turf production, installation, and maintenance have a huge impact on the quality of sports around the country. More than that, suppliers and manufacturers realize the influence they have on this niche market. Natural turf grass has many advocates throughout the industry. Realizing the power they wield over the direction of the turf grass market, many manufacturers are taking a stand for natural turf and making the market a greener, cleaner one.

Many golf courses and other sports fields use artificial turf. There are some concerns about the effect this has on the environment, especially as the trend for artificial turf catches on in residential lawn care. Health and safety is another related issue that many golf turf associations have tried to raise awareness for. Several social media campaigns have taken strides to bring awareness about this and other issues.

Golf turf news forums consistently feature debates about the risks of artificial turf grass, competitive production methods, and the cultivation of stronger, resilient varieties of natural golf turf grass as alternative solutions.

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