Things You'd Notice on a Sod Farm Visit to See Ultradwarf Revolution

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, March 21, 2013

soccer ball

If you get the chance, visit the Modern Turf sod farm and see what’s growing.

Modern Turf is more than just a little proud of our sod farm, where we grow ultradwarf and other superior quality grasses. While most landscaping companies, including many who sell sod, rely on whatever sod they can source, we grow our own. The first thing you’d notice on your visit is that we’re really serious about turf – having a top-quality sod farm is just one way we ensure ours is the best turf our customers can buy.

The second thing you’d notice on your visit is that it’s not just homeowners who end up with grass from our sod farm. Golf course superintendents, municipal and professional sports facilities, and commercial businesses all know they need every competitive edge they can get, and beautiful turf gives them that advantage.

For example, a golf club that wants to attract more golf players needs to feature a top-notch grass, such as MiniVerde ultradwarf. Golf isn’t the only turf-obsessed sport. Soccer and football fields take a beating during the season, and often need to replace damaged field turf. The permanent wear and tear from cleats, excessive traffic and rough weather can leave any grass damaged beyond repair.

You’d also notice our sod farm grows a winner. More and more golf courses are switching from bentgrass greens to superior ultradwarf greens, the top-ranked bermudagrass for putting greens, according to the National Turf Evaluation Program. The ultradwarf revolution was expected since last year, when several companies, such as Modern Turf started to produce a better quality grass called MiniVerde. Featuring a beautiful and bright color, this grass is disease resistant, has a better tolerance to cold, is firmer and requires less watering.

MiniVerde grass offers a healthy turf due to its deep roots, less thatch and less grain. Because it contains fewer chemicals and fertilizers, ultradwarf is less risky and can be used on any kind of turf, from golf and soccer to backyards and gardens.

If you’ve got questions or would like a turf expert’s opinion on replacing your lawn or the turf on a field or course you manage, contact Modern Turf here: