Three Myths Uncovered About Sports Turf

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, June 24, 2013

The truth about sports turf

Three Myths Uncovered About Sports Turf

There are many myths out there about sports turf, and most of them are just that: myths. Let's explore three of those myths and determine whether or not they are true.

1. Sports Turf Pitches can be over-drained
This is not true. Let's look at why it’s impossible to over-drain a turf:

• Surplus water travels from soil saturated with chemicals into pipe drains that are trenched.
• It is not possible for soil water to be sucked to sand aggregate.
• While many have stated that a turn retaining surplus water can be used during a water shortage, this is not true.

2. A slit drain system can assist in drainage problems
Here are the reasons why this statement is false:

• Surface water is not able to reach the slits because of the way the system is set up. Surplus water can run through slit drains, but they end up making the soil turn softer than it should be.
• Surplus water in the system can lead to the slit drains becoming ineffective.

3. Having a slit drainage system is better than no drainage system
This is not true for the following reasons:

• The drainage process for turf depends on the opening of the slit drain.
• Sand dressings can be applied to a slit drainage system, but it is not worth the money it would cost.

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