Tips to Keep Landscaping Sod Healthy

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, December 17, 2012

healthy grass

How to ensure your landscaping sod stays healthy during the winter.

Keeping landscaping sod healthy, especially in winter time, can be frustrating to some homeowners. The key to maintaining healthy sod is to keep up with the maintenance all year long. The healthier the sod is going into the winter months, the more likely it is to survive and thrive when spring arrives.

Here are four tips to keep your sod in mint condition:

1. Stick to a maintenance schedule: You should follow a maintenance schedule all year long. There are certain things you need to do as each season comes and goes. Develop a seasonal schedule, and stick to it.

2. Prepare your sod before the first frost: Ensure you sod has received the proper winterizing care it needs to see it through the long, cold winter. During the fall, you should have used winterizing fertilizer, dethatched, and aerated the sod.

3. Keep the sod cleared: As falling tree limbs and leaves fall, remove them. Store away all landscaping equipment, children’s toys, and lawn furniture.

4. Stay proactive: Even during the coldest months of winter, you should keep an eye on your lawn. Manually remove any winter weeds and keep a close watch for disease or damage to the sod.

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