Turf Field - Does the turf make a difference in performance?

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, June 18, 2012

Modern Turf

Proper maintenance on your turf field will help performance and pack your stadium.

Many will argue that the turf does make a difference in sports performance. It certainly has come a long way in providing safety for the athletes over the past decades.

You can tell a difference between some stadiums and golf courses with the way a ball will roll, or the amount of speed on it. Different surfaces certainly provide different experience to the athletes.

Playing on artificial turf provides a different playing experience than playing on real grass. The ball will roll differently on each playing surface. Experience players learn to adjust to the particular surface they are playing on. Whether one is better than the other is simply a matter of opinion for those playing on the field.

Maintenance plays a key role in how the turf will play. Proper maintenance is vital in keeping a golf course in excellent playing condition.

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