Turf Installation - 3 Mistakes You Will Want To Avoid

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, September 06, 2012

turf installation

Avoid costly mistakes during turf installation.

TNew turf installation offers many benefits to your landscaping. A lush, green lawn brings desired curb appeal to your home or business, while providing a wonderful environment for your family to enjoy.

New turf can turn your tired, worn out, and damaged lawn into your own private oasis, if you avoid these three common mistakes.

1. Failing to prepare the soil properly: Soil preparation is the most important step in turf installation. Unfortunately, it is the one step many homeowners skip, or don’t complete properly. For successful installation, soil preparation has to be done right.

2. Overlapping the sod: Overlapping the sod is a common mistake many homeowners make. Sod should be laid end to end, if you overlap, you will have an uneven lawn. Additionally, all parts of the sod need to be in direct contact with the soil to help encourage deep root growth.

3. Failing to maintain the new sod: While sod gives the impression of being an instant lawn, it still needs time to become established. Watering, as well as proper maintenance, is vital to help the new sod establish itself.

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