Turf Sale: What Questions Should You Ask Before You Buy?

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, April 22, 2013

It's not every day you go looking at turf for sale, so you may not even know what to ask.

turf sale: what questions should you ask before you buy

Turf, a term which is often co-mingled with the word sod, is a combination of live grass with an earth layer that supports the grass roots. Many landscaping project managers use turf to create an instant green lawn. Using turf can help reduce the cost of putting in a lawn because the continued maintenance is reduced. Companies with turf for sale will be able to help you answer many questions.

Questions that should be asked when considering turf:

What kind of turf is right for my yard?
The answer to this question is really about lighting first, and maintenance second. Consumers shopping for turf for sale need to understand how much light the area where turf will be planted receives. Light being a primary mechanism for keeping grass green and healthy is essential. Light is measured in hours of direct light, partial light, or shade.

For turf, you want to measure light in eight hour segments. Eight hours of full sunlight being ideal for most, but not all grass species. Four hours or less of direct sun light equates to partial shade. Two hours or less of direct sunlight equates to shade/deep shade.

What kind of turf will hold up to how you intend to use the space?

Certain types of grass are better suited for heavy foot traffic than are others. Choose turf based on how it will withstand abuse from children playing, golf, etc.

What kind of turf will best go with the seasonal changes in my area?
Not all grass does well in snow, or high temperatures. Choose turf that will withstand all four seasonal changes that are experienced where you live.

Sod farms and landscapers who have turf for sale will be able to tell you what types of turf work best for your needs. If possible take grass samples from lawns in your neighborhood that are beautiful to show the representatives who will likely be able to recognize the type of grass in the sample, and then be able to offer the same grass or something similar. Start with light requirements, move to season needs, and then consider maintenance and usage when choosing turf.

You probably have other questions as well. Visit Modern Turf and ask all your questions about turf for sale for home lawns, and you’ll get all the answers you need.