Turf Warrior - Why Celebration is the best sports turf on the market.

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turf Warrior


Are you tired of weak or shaded 419? Modern Turf is the proud new owner of a no-till sprig planter that has the ability to plant Celebration bermudagrass into stands of worn-out or shaded areas of existing turf. This planter is tough and aggressive – just like Celebration! We can plant 5 to 15 acres a day with minimal disruption of play. All you have to do is aerify and irrigate prior to our arrival and we can do the rest.


Keep in mind that, despite recent claims by a new variety of shade tolerant bermudagrass, Celebration has been on the market for 10 years and has a proven track record in the shade and in full sun. Celebration is tougher and far more aggressive than the new variety. The new variety suggests planting by sod only and claims the grass is “not overly aggressive and will tend to stay where planted and not encroach into nearby areas”. This would likely indicate how it will perform in wear environments like say - anywhere on a golf course. That should tell you something about the true character of this new grass. Now we would be happy to sell you “sod only” and not sprigs but Celebration covers ground like no other.

Think of Celebration as a turf warrior fighting for you every day covering divots and marching into the shade!


Compared to Tifway 419 Celebration is more aggressive, uses less fertilizer, requires less water and is harder to wear out. It is also more shade tolerant than any other bermudagrass on the market. Celebration can be cut at .325 with a reel mower and produce an exquisite fine bladed low cut turf making it ideal for fairways and tees as well.

Celebration also comes with references of golf course superintendents who have successfully grown it for years.


So lets get started improving your turf today. Shady or sunny, low cut or rough cut, it’s time to start phasing out the old and replace it with the best. At Modern Turf we have state-of-the-art grasses and state-of-the-art equipment to plant it. We can also use the no-till sprig planter to introduce Zorro Zoysia, SeaDwarf seashore paspalum or replant winter kill areas of Tifway 419. Give us a call, set up a site visit and let us help you improve the turf quality at your facility.