What Every Landscaper Should Know About a Sod Farm

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 17, 2014

Being knowledgeable about the sod farm industry can help you sell sod products.

sod farmSod farms are the source of many different products as the suburbs continue to grow. Demand for sod grass is consistently expanding; more people want a quick solution to healthy lawn. Turf cultivation is imperative to growing a reliable and healthy product. If you are re-selling sod products, make sure the sod farm you work with is a good resource for healthy products.

Production Site Location

Growing certain types of grass is easier in different regions. If you will be supplying sod products, make sure they are grown and distributed in the same climate so they can have consistent weather conditions. Being situated near your target market will keep your products healthier throughout transportation and installation.

Product Health

Staying informed about product consistency can help you analyze the reputability of any sod farm that you do business with. Landscapers should always invest time in inspecting their supply. When you distribute unreliable product it reflects badly on you rather than the source.

Reliable Team

Maintaining a healthy sod farm takes expertise and experience. Make sure the sod farm you partner with is run by professionals who know about planting and cultivating healthy grass.
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