What Lawn Fertilizer Works Best for Ultradwarf Grass?

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, March 07, 2013

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Use the right lawn fertilizer the right way on your Ultradwarf grass.

As the weather starts getting warmer, the sunshine a bit more inviting, and your lawn starts nudging you to come pay attention to it, it’s time to start thinking about applying lawn fertilizer to your Ultradwarf grass. An Ultradwarf lawn has the potential for award-winning looks in your neighborhood, but only if you fertilize it correctly.

The main aim of using lawn fertilizer on turf grass is to make it grow faster than weeds. Proper grass nutrition that the fertilizer provides also helps in fighting diseases and counters the effects of wear. Ultradwarf grass needs between six and nine pounds of nitrogen for every one thousand square feet. In addition, the fertilizer used must deliver about the same amount of potassium concentration. Ultradwarf grass needs more potassium when there is water shortage and when the mat density has deteriorated.

You should use an all-season lawn food type of fertilizer and then vary the concentration in different climate seasons. This will provide your Ultradwarf grass with the necessary micro and macro nutrition it requires. A combination weed-killing lawn fertilizer and crabgrass preventer will give you immediate results. It is a good choice for already damaged grass that needs quick recovery. This combination fertilizer takes care of broad-leaved weeds by quickly dispensing nitrogen to aid grass growth while it halts the multiplication of existing weeds.

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