What You Need to Know about MiniVerde Sod for Putting Greens

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

When it comes to golf course putting greens, MiniVerde has been the most popular Bermudagrass in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Trials for more than a few years. Golf course owners and superintendents are very specific in their demands for turfgrass products, and MiniVerde seems to be the choice to meet their unique needs the best.  


Characterized by a very fine leaf blade and deep green color, this type of grass is also known as MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermuda and has a lower temperature color retention than other similar varieties. Because it is so versatile, the grass can be closely mowed to heights even lower than 1/8 inch. Golfers appreciate the low height and lack of grain while golf course superintendents say they spend less time baby sitting their greens after planting MiniVerde sod or sprigs.


Golf course owners and course maintenance workers are fans of MiniVerde because it makes their jobs easier. The surface is easily managed in comparison to other ultradwarf grasses due to deep roots and the ability to bounce back from high traffic and cultural practices. Owners also love the fact that it requires less down time which means more tee times!


Primarily a warm season grass grown especially for golf course putting greens, MiniVerde can be planted with a no-till process if the location and site is right. Other qualities that make MiniVerde the top choice of golf course superintendents include:

•    Far less grain than other ultradwarf Bermudas.
•    Significantly less thatch than others.
•    Lower maintenance than other ultradwarf Bermudas.
•    Deep roots and plenty of rhizomes.
•    Ultra fine leaf blade.
•    Deep green hue.
•    Velvety look and feel.
•    Superior disease resistance.
•    Quicker recovery from injury compared to other ultradwarf types.
•    Ability to spread quickly during establishment.


Normally planted as sprigs, MiniVerde sod is also available.  MiniVerde sod offers a quicker solution to replacing or establishing greens when waiting for sprigs just won’t do.  MiniVerde sod is more expensive than sprigs but significantly decreases down time allowing for revenue streams to begin more quickly.  Many end users also find MiniVerde sod useful for repairing existing stands of turf that may need to be replaced from time to time.

Keeping putting greens fast, true, attractive and in ideal condition for demanding golfers can take a lot of hard work and money, but using MiniVerde sod and sprigs simplifies the process. You can rest easy when you select MiniVerde, because you know its excellent reputation speaks for itself. With MiniVerde putting greens and the right kind of maintenance, your golf course will keep golfers coming back time and time again.

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