What's the Right Lawn Treatment for Fall?

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, November 08, 2012

autumn lawn

Winterizing lawn treatment for cool-season grass

During the fall months, your lawn’s nutrient requirements change in order to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. To ensure your lawn survives the cold months, you should fertilize cool-season grass with winterizing fertilizers.

Fertilizers that are high in potassium are an ideal treatment for cool-season grass in the fall. Potassium is needed to strengthen lawns roots and make them more tolerant to colder temperatures. Winterizing fertilizers have a higher amount of potassium, and will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to face the cold winter.

If your lawn is a warm-season grass, you don’t need to use winterizing fertilizers, because they go dormant in the cold weather, and the temperatures aren’t as low as in the north. Your regular fertilizer will work for warm-season grass to prepare it for the cooler temperatures, and give it a head start in the spring.

A rotary spreader should always be used to spread fertilizer to ensure it goes down evenly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and store the fertilizer in a cool place away from small children and pets.

Consult the fertilizer experts at Modern Turf to find the right lawn treatment for you lawn this fall.