Where to Buy Sod?

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modern Turf

If you buy sod from local growers does it increase the chance of a healthy, lush and beautiful lawn?

If you’re ready to finally throw in the towel on your tired, worn out lawn and start looking for where to buy sod, you should first look at your local growers. There are hundreds if not thousands of sod farms located all around the country selling sod online, but you want to be careful of these sites and ordering online. Chances of your sod arriving in good condition are greatly reduced.

There are many advantages to buying your sod locally. Of course the biggest advantage is spending your money locally so that it goes back into your local community. By supporting local companies you are also supporting their workers and their families. Working with a local sod farm also allows you to form a relationship with them.

The second advantage to buying sod locally in that it will arrive to your door healthy. Since it is grown locally, there is no need to transport it across the country.

The third advantage to locally grown sod is that it is grown in the climate and environment that you are living in. The sod will be accustomed to growing in that particular climate.

Buy your sod locally from Modern Turf. Contact us if you have more questions about where to buy sod.