Why Choosing the Right Grass Can Make or Break Your Putting Green

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Putting green grass is the secret to honing golf techniques at home.

Why Choosing the Right Grass Can Make or Break Your Putting Green

Investing in a home putting green is a great decision for anyone who wants to improve short game play. Putting green grass is typically kept short for optimal playing experience and needs to be trimmed closer than typical lawn grass. Two of the most common types of grass for putting green development are Bentgrass and Bermuda.

One of the important reasons you should consider the grass best suited for putting greens is simplifying maintenance. Keep in mind the putting greens at your golf club are carefully maintained by a crew of professionals every week. Installing a putting green in your backyard means taking excellent care of it so you can get the optimal playing experience on a regular basis.

Turf diseases can seriously damage your putting green, so choose a grass that is resilient and healthy. Golf courses typically invest in pesticides to keep these elements at bay. But to personally ensure that your putting green stay healthy, you need to set up a routine maintenance schedule. Aeration at least twice a year plus a consistent watering schedule will keep your putting green grass healthy and vibrant in every season.

For more information about installing a home putting green and which variety of grass to invest in, talk to the experts at Modern Turf.