Why Choosing the Right Landscape Sod Can Make Your Lawn a Masterpiece

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 07, 2013

Landscape sod is a key ingredient to the vitality of your lawn.

Why Choosing the Right Landscape Sod Can Make Your Lawn a Masterpiece

Landscape sod is an essential component of many healthy yards. It’s a popular choice for manicured lawns, stadiums, and fields. While it is a little more expensive than alternative lawn options, landscape sod is preferred for its aesthetics, accessibility, and consistent results.

First of all, sodding your lawn is a fast way to get the yard you’ve always wanted. You can purchase and lay sod within a day, whereas grass seeds take a much longer span of time. This quick return on investment is something that appeals to many homeowners. Our lawns are essential to good outdoor living, and the sooner they take root, the better.

Sodding also produces more consistent results. The way that sod is delivered in sheets gives it a more even and consistent growing pattern. It’s easy to maintain and looks seamless if properly installed.

It’s typically easier to take care of sod because the turf has already been grown and nourished by a third party. Cultivating a lawn from scratch is a little trickier, a longer process with more responsibility from the homeowner throughout.

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