Why Great Putting Green Turf Equals Happy Club Members

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 16, 2015

The way to win a golfer’s heart is with a flawless putting green.

Golf Putting Green

Smooth and crisp – no, it’s not a rare bottle of wine. We’re talking about a different kind of quality product. The feel of a high quality putting green beneath your feet and the swing of your golf club can’t be beat. Beginners and experts alike want to have the best putting experience possible. They pay for a professional facility that can accommodate all styles and levels of play.


The best putting greens are an investment in the golfers that use them. Happy golfers always come back for more playing time. When the grass is well maintained and the turf is fast and firm, it makes a huge difference. Committing to the best materials means you will have durable, long-lasting putting greens that will impress players for years to come.

Of course, having excellent putting green materials doesn’t mean anything unless they are well maintained. Regular aeration, fertilization, mowing, and watering are important to keep your turf looking and playing beautifully.


Golf courses are renowned for having some of the most scenic and impressive vistas. Players come with family and friends, not just for a great round of golf, but also to soak in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the golf course. Good putting green turf should enhance the look of your club, not diminish or detract from it.

Just as excellent green performance requires maintenance, so too do the aesthetics. Aeration is the first step to beautiful, green turf. This process allows more air and water to seep into the soil and therefore, the roots. This additional oxygen and water help improve your green’s overall health and even helps reduce disease pressure. Fertilization, combined with regular aeration, assures your green will be looking its best.

For more information about maintaining the health and beauty of your turf, contact Modern Turf and ask about our air2g2 aeration technology.