Why the Right Football Turfgrass Variety Can Save You Money

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, January 23, 2014

High quality football turf might be a big investment, but it’s a smart one that’ll lead to significant savings in the long run.

Why the Right Football Turfgrass Variety Can Save You Money

You get what you pay for. This rule holds true with many purchases, and especially with sports turf. Spending money on the right materials will save you maintenance and replacement fees down the road.

This kind of investment can be seen as proactive and forward-thinking; sacrificing quality to save money now will only temporarily delay the inevitable costs accrued from poor materials.

In addition, investing in quality sports turf now offers major benefits, including:

1. Quality of experience. When you invest in sod grass products, you are doing a favor for the community of players, coaches, and families that will use these fields. Sod grass sports fields provide a level of authenticity that artificial turf just can’t replicate. It feels better under your feet, and it looks better on the ground. It’s also better performing. Football turf, for instance, needs to be durable but it also needs to be comfortable, springy, responsive, and safe for athletes to play on.

2. The environment thanks you. Artificial turf is unfair to the environment. While you have to water and maintain sod grass as it takes root after installation, artificial turf will never conform to its environment. It will sit on the surface of the land and rob other plants of space, light, and air. Because sod grass turf is natural, it will become a natural part of its environment.

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