Why Your Golf Putting Green Isn't Up to Par

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 23, 2015

Golf putting greens can make or break player performance.

Golf Green

Investing in a high quality turf will transform any mediocre golf putting green into something much more satisfying for experts and beginners alike. The key to a great golf putting green is a firm putting surface, good green speeds, and resilience. Here are some things to keep in mind as you work to maintain your green:

  • In order to maintain the beautiful view clubs are known for, your green must recover quickly from injury.
    MiniVerde is incredibly resilient because of its rapid lateral growth. In fact, MiniVerde recovers quickly from normal wear and tear resulting from heavy traffic, vertical mowing, aeration, and even pest damage.
  • Manage your green speed.
    The best speed for your green depends on a number of factors, including slope, size, clients’ skill level, budget, and expected time to complete a round of golf. MiniVerde can maintain any speed from 8’ to 12’, so you can achieve the speeds that are right for your facility.
  • Maintain a firm putting surface.
    A putting green should be firm and ready for play. MiniVerde has a high shoot density and is used on a variety of courses because it creates a great putting surface.

If you have any questions about MiniVerde grass or how to ensure you green is up to par, just ask our experts here.