Your Summer Survival Guide to a Proper Lawn Maintenance Schedule

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, June 27, 2013

It’s easy to maintain healthy grass with a good lawn maintenance schedule.

Your Summer Survival Guide to a Proper Lawn Maintenance Schedule

Summer is coming, and the kids and increased heat will tend to make your lawn somewhat trampled and riddled with dry, brown spots. But the damage can be minimized or even prevented by starting a lawn maintenance schedule.

April through Mid May
Test your soil as soon as the weather begins to warm and make sure all of the dead branches and other debris have been removed. Prepare for mowing season by de-thatching your lawn and weeding in areas where the mower is unable to go. Finally, be sure to aerate your lawn and apply pest control.

Mid May through June
By this time, you lawn should be growing without reservation. Use the results of your soil test to determine what nutrients your lawn will need to be fed. You can also use this time to apply weed control. Be sure to use a brand that will not damage the lawn.

Mid June through Mid August
Mow your lawn as needed, and leave the clippings behind to be absorbed as further nutrients. When watering, do so early in the morning to avoid the heat of the sun. Give your lawn about an inch of water a week. Also, check for problematic insects.

Mid August to October
You can help fill in bald spots by seeding them before winter. September is a good time to fertilize again. And be sure to aerate and de-thatch your lawn during these months, so it’s fully recovered before winter. And don’t be afraid to apply weed control again.

October through November
Keep the leaves raked up. Leaves will cause more harm to your lawn than good. If you can’t bag them up, mulch them. Lastly, mow your yard short for the winter.

To find out more about a lawn maintenance schedule, talk to the pros at Modern Turf.