New Lawns

Modern Turf offers a variety of different grass types, and our experts can help determine which type of sod would be best for your lawn.

Modern Turf specializes in new lawns!

New Lawn PreperationOur organization is made up of landscape and turfgass professionals and it all starts with our fearless leader, Hank Kerfoot. Hank along with the senior Vice President, B.J. Haunert are both former golf course superintendents. Their entire career has been in the turfgrass industry. From growing grass, to keeping it healthy – These guys know what they are doing!

Learn about our 100% guarantee

This is why Modern Turf is so successful. Modern Turf grows the grass on their farm, they install it in your yard, they take care of it through the Modern Turf Care organization and subsequently they will 100% Guarantee it! Determining which grass is right for your New Lawn, is where the expertise really comes in to play. Many factors including soil type, shade or sun variables, climate, drought and wear & tear are taken into consideration before our experts recommend the best grass type for your New Lawn.

Completed LawnIf you need irrigation or other landscaping needs, we will take care of that for you too! Modern Turf has you covered!

As you peruse through this website, understand that we can take care of all of your needs when it comes to outdoor living! In fact, you can shop through our grass types yourself, buy sod directly online (don’t worry, we can certainly install it for you too), and even buy a putting green for your home. Now you know why we are Modern Turf!

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