Tifway 419 Bermudagrass

Modern Turf

Tifway 419 has been the standard for golf course tees, fairways and roughs throughout the southern United States for decades.

Tifway 419 is a vigorous grower which has a dense, low growth habit and has a fast recovery rate from wear and traffic. Tifway 419 is also used on sports fields and in many landscape settings. While it is not always the best choice for homeowner lawns, it will stand up well to being the “soccer yard” of the neighborhood. Tifway 419 is a high maintenance grass that requires frequent mowing, watering, fertilizing and cultural practices to be a quality turf.

The industry standard for warm season sports turf, Tifway has proven its place in the turfgrass hall-of-fame. 

tolerance chart

wear tolerance Good
shade tolerance Poor
cold tolerance Good
drought tolerance Good
mowing heights 1/2” to 3”

maintenance calendar

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