Turf Grass Services for Lawn, Sports, and Golf Courses

Modern Turf specializes in outdoor living... oh yeah, and playing! 

Our services include growing all modern grass types over thousands of acres on our sod farm.  These sod types range in their uses.  Please see grass types for the different grass that we offer.  We grow and sell these top rated grass types to Homeowners, Landscape Professionals, Sports Turf Management and Golf Course Superintendents.  Not all grass types will fit every scenario but we are here to help you make the right decision.

We grow it!  That's right, if you want the pros to grow it, we would love to.  In other words, if you want to go enjoy what your day has in store, don't worry about having a top rated lawn because we will be happy to grow it for you.  The Modern Turf Care division has an annual application program that is perfect for your lawn.  We are also the home of the 100% Lifetime Guarantee.  You will certainly want to take advantage of that.  Try to get that from your current provider! 

Come see it and then buy it by visiting our retail outlet in Lexington SC.  Our retail outlet offers a full line of landscape products ranging from ground cover like mulch & straw to the very same SOD that we grow!  Come on out and visit us!

ARE YOU A GOLF CLUB DECISION MAKER?  Don't forget to sign up for our Ultradwarf Revolution!

Thank you for choosing Modern Turf for all of your outdoor living fun!