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Ultradwarf Grass Info


As the climate continues to change and more clubs struggle with bottom line issues we are doing our best to raise awareness about MiniVerde ultradwarf bermudagrass for putting greens.  Perhaps you have heard of, or been fortunate enough to play on a set of ultradwarf bermudagrass greens in the last few years and witnessed their quality firsthand.  If so, you already know these are not your father's bermudagrasses!  These grasses rival bent and MiniVerde offers a sturdy and hardy putting surface second to none, in fact MiniVerde is the #1 rated bermudagrass for putting greens by the National Turf Evaluation Program.


Why choose MiniVerde?  Any owner, committee chair or golf course superintendent faced with a decision on which ultradwarf to plant must ask the same question...Which available product will make our facility most successful?  The visual appearance of a putting green with little grain coupled with the feel and even sound of a ball landing on a firm green lets golfers know they are playing on high quality putting surfaces.  Coupled with the satisfaction knowing this is occurring on a MiniVerde green that has a significantly improved root system over other varieties should help make this decision a little easier for anyone.  MiniVerde offers:

  • Deeper roots = healthy hardy turf
  • Less thatch = firm greens with less effort
  • Less grain = better putting surface with less effort
  • MiniVerde = $ucce$$ for Le$$

If you are anxious to get started, let us know and we will have a MiniVerde representative contact you as soon as possible. 

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