3 tips for fertilizing your turf field

Some people think that if you apply fertilizer once or twice a year to your turf field, that's enough work. This is a common error in thinking that could jeopardize the health of your turfgrass. In fact, fertilizing hastily or over-fertilizing can burn out your lawn and harm your turfgrass maintenance strategy.

Here are some tips to make fertilizing your turf field easier

  1. Fertilize Multiple Times Per Year
  2. Many lawn companies recommend 4 measured applications per year. In mid to late spring, for example, you'll want to use a fertilizer that controls crabgrass, allowing your turfgrass to grow without being influenced by other competitive grasses.

    At the beginning of the dormant season in Columbia, SC, use a winterizing fertilizer that will protect turfgrass until it starts to grow the following spring.

  3. Always Use A Spreader
  4. Most people don't realize that simply throwing fertilizer on their lawn by hand can be harmful, both to their personal health and the health of their lawn. Measuring out the amount of fertilizer to the square footage of your lawn can prevent scorching.

  5. Make Sure You Use the Optimal Mix
  6. Not all fertilizer is created equally. Remember that finding the optimal nutrient mix for the type and usage of your grass is key to healthy turf all year round.

    The key for proper turf management is to try to be as precise as possible, despite all the factors that can change your fertilizing needs. For more information, contact the Columbia SC turf experts at Modern Turf.

  • 3 tips for fertilizing your turf field
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