Turfgrass Installation

Selecting the appropriate grass variety for your new lawn is where the expertise of Modern Turf shines. We consider many factors including soil type, shade or sun variables, climate, drought, and wear & tear before our experts recommend the best grass type for your new lawn.

Modern Turf professionals go through a detailed process enabling us to offer full installation and prep services for new lawns. Like many projects, the hard work is in the prep. Your new lawn will look better instantly if the site is carefully and skillfully prepared. After installation is complete, our experts will explain the best plan to help your new lawn establish quickly.

We install sod year ‘round, and summer is our busiest time so consider having your new yard installed in the off-season when special discounts may apply. Our 100% guarantee is available regardless of when we do the installation.

Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Modern Turf professionals. We grow and install grass so you don’t have to!

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