Celebration Bermudagrass

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

From golf courses and other sports fields to parks and private home lawns, Celebration Bermudagrass is providing itself a favorite grass for a variety of purposes. Known for its excellent wear tolerance, the grass can withstand heavy traffic, full sun or even partial shade, making it a versatile grass product. 


University studies have backed up claims that Celebration Bermudagrass is among the most tolerant grasses available. It was even rated at the top of the list for wear and overall quality of turf. The Celebration Bermudagrass engineers in Austrailia created the grass to be a high performer in rugged conditions. Even if the grass in damaged, it bounces back to a healthy form quickly.  


A hybrid cultivar of Bermuda grass, Celebration Bermudagrass first came onto the scene in the U.S. in 2002 and has been a favorite for landscaping professionals ever since due to the grasses’ durability, low maintenance requirements and attractiveness. This grass can be grown in numerous soils, from clay soils to sandy loam, and even has a high frost tolerance.  

Celebration Bermudagrass Appearance 


While it may be one of the sturdiest grasses available, Celebration Bermudagrass is also well known for its beautiful appearance. It has a dark bluish green hue and boasts a rapid growth of thick, tightly growing grass featuring a fine leaf blade perfect for sports turf that requires grass with an attractive, uniform look and soft feel. The grass holds color well in the fall and turns green right away in the early spring months. 


Even some home lawns can seem more like sports turf with all of the running and playing, especially if the home belongs to families with children. That’s why Celebration Bermudagrass is also known as a great product for residential yards.  Homeowners do not always have time available to baby the yard, and this type of Bermudagrass provides a great way for even busy homeowners to enjoy a beautiful yard of which they can be proud.  


Even better for busy homeowners, business owners or sports turf maintenance professionals is that Celebration Bermudagrass will reportedly reduce mowing by half in comparison to other Bermuda grass varieties. The efficient root system present in Celebration also means there is less need for watering and weeding. These features save time and money, while still providing for a perfect lawn. 


Celebration Bermudagrass is a Friend of the Environment 


For people concerned about making the best choices for the environment, Celebration Bermudagrass is a good option as it has a growth habit that acts as a barrier to weeds, which reduces the need for herbicide. Additionally, the reduced need for mowing means a decreased carbon footprint and fewer emissions from equipment.  


Whether your primary goal is a beautiful yard, less maintenance or being environmentally friendly, Celebration Bermudagrass has proven to be a top choice for commercial and residential lawn as well as sports fields.