Celebration Bermudagrass

Modern Turf

Celebration™ bermudagrass is ideal for sports fields, golf courses and parks due to its excellent wear tolerance.

This variety of bermudagrass is rated #1 in wear tolerance in turfgrass trials through university studies. Celebration produces deep, super-aggressive roots, rhizomes and stolons compared to other varieties in its class. Recent university studies have also shown Celebration to have improved shade tolerance over other bermudagrasses. The dark blue-green color and rapid growth rate make this turfgrass a top contender for all sports turf managers across the United States. Above all else this grass is almost indestructible.

This shaded practice field at the Citadel shows Celebrations’ ability to withstand some shade and lots of heavy traffic. 

tolerance chart

wear tolerance Excellent
shade tolerance Improved
cold tolerance Good
drought tolerance Excellent
mowing heights 1/2” to 3”

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